What could this be?

Odaymara Cuesta/ Olivia Prendes.


Odaymara: This is music from the Caribbean for you, giving you a show, Krudas flow, like this.

Chorus: Wow! what could this be, that I’m looking at you?

What could this be, that I’m kissing you?

What could it be, that I’m touching you? What could this be?

Move your hips, you know you can, let her try, let her get closer

This is Kruda eh, Dance hall playing. Afro-latina, Cuban womyn, representing

Take it slow, feel the deliciousness Open up and relax, life is hard.

Move your hips, you know you can, let her try, let her get closer.

Olivia: Well pardon me for not being a mermaid that bewitches and seduces and then poisons.

I am ball, whale, turtle, how cool, yellow, brown, natural,

plentiful in the ocean In the sand eating  dinner

full of mushrooms my flow oxygenates you breaking the chains raise yourself girl.

I ain’t scared of trouble as nothing can stop me… Chorus.

Odaymara: Asthmatic, acoustic, sellfish, authentic, complicated,

fornicated, intoxicated, lubricated, chew, swa swa swa swa.

Swallow with the dagar between your panties, infecting your wound

In your spirit that wanders, my spirit like a plague

shipwrecks at your house, I am the fortunate Black womyn.

Sometimes corraled, affected, I get high in the bus stop,

Immigrant marked in the game… Chorus.

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