Tha Phat

Odaymara Cuesta.

Odaymara: I’m talent, nature creation, abundant meat, I’m sorry I gotta work it.

You wanted to exclude me for being fat, make me feel inferior,

talking about nerves, and lack of control ? OMG!

I experiment a deep pleasure in a world full of many shapes of womyn.

To the happiness of life we have rights to the ones larger than a 40 waist and 52 of bust.

Look, the fatty arrived to your house, 180 stride, I trust myself and from now on,

enjoy the dance of this fatty with her big belly. It is Crazy Hair that never ceases

This is the fatty that arrived to your house. Did you hear? Let’s go.

Chorus : Arrived the fatty, the fatty arrived . Arrived the fatty, the fatty is me.

Let them tell me fat, round, sphere. Let them tell me fat, I am fat.

Odaymara: Sexy skinny ladies, always on TV, it’s always the same

Silicones here and there,“perfect torsos”. So beautiful !

Anorexia in times of war, Paulina (Rubio), Jennifer (Lopez), Beyonce, So vex.

Not enjoying food, going on diets, hormones for their breasts, and the girls, dying to be

barbies, to be dolls. Here, a ball, but not make of snow. What doe you have? Beautiful

and cylindrically mysterious. When I pass by the gyms fuller than the cuban bus,

through the glass the super strong and super machos breaking their necks,

looking at what? My beautiful body. Gigantic, excess, volume, to those who consume

colonized bodies I have them stresses, See? You are gonna carry me? Oh, please!

You’ll get a hernia.I don’t hide if I’m going to eat. I have a womyn’s love.

I’m at peace with myself. Comfortable with my body and you see through the prism,

what do you see? The reflex of light I draw as I walk. Rolls of grease around my waist,

I will not go through surgery, nor will I stuck myself in a waist reducer. Get it?

The fat lady has rebelled. She felt, she rimed, she confessed, she explained.

And once more, and as always, she gave it to you. You should lose weight,

I will not. Hear? Fatty Papi. Hear? This is also for you Mami… Chorus.

Odaymara : Round like the earth, which so many myths and legends enclose.

Round like acetate discs to the old school, the novices. Round like a CD

that includes this beat which was done for me. Circle shape like coins,

like the bread, round up to where I want, like my girls, who are fine

as they are and look  for yourself and see how well they are. Resisting as a fatty,

as a black woman, as a warrior. Me, a whale, more space in the world,

more is seen, with no shame. Let them tell me fat, let them mention me. So that they

will remember this fat and her songs, let them signal me because I exist,

gladiator weight, I’m in love with myself. Silence doesn’t protect me,

I won’t shut up. Live the fatties without being domesticated.

The heavy ones and all , the ones that don’t believe it all.

The ones with a size 40, 50, those who don’t invent themselves.

Fattiness in war times, symphony attached the real ones, impossible, vital,

poetry to hide, fat floating as my Cuba in the middle of the sea. Heavy,

as a brick son, so you go crazy , this is 90 kilos, come, come and say it.


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