I rebel

Olivia Prendes

Is not oh oh , it’s not oh oh ,

Chorus 1: We shall remain here Krudas with our mission, the work

representing women with boundless will.

The ones that prefer papaya, that like the cobra

all denouncing together of this anxious life.

Olivia: Against what’s wrong, unsubmissive we continue on this path

representing all land, not just the land we were born.

We learned concecration from those who work and work

and neither planted nor floating will we retreat.

Directong for your brainong, the syntax, the metaphore with the diphthong.

Just so you don’t complain, this is how I get,

if you get pissed and look like stomach soup.

I represent the people that come from the ñongo, people of the earth,

not brat boy, people that sweat and scratch with their teeth and nails,

people that fist a machete. The hers and hims together

will all celebrate prosperity, health, and love will always abound,

don’t suffer, don’t be down, everything is gonna get better

and we will enjoy what we have… Chorus 1.

Chorus 2: I rebel, I rebel, I rebel against that I rebel.

Against the power of the system I rebel, against supremacy I rebel.

Against a lack of love I rebel, against all injustice, I rebel.(3)

Olivia: That jealousy is never good and look for a consolation

eat a mushroom and entertain that longing.

I put on my glasses and melt all ice.

I’ll lend you my hankerchief so you can dry the creek.

I’ll cut off this hair and take you to heaven, I love you.

blessings for that flight, and you will understand

and be astonished and you will go with me

and you will know that more you will owe and you will also deserve

you will win and touch the other rocks’ fibers.

Always Independant. Chorus 1. Chorus 2.


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