Odaymara Cuesta/Olivia Prendes.


Chorus: Fire, feminist avant-garde creating discipline/education. Fire, moving its ceiling

and your feet, Fire, whether it pleases or hurts anyone. Fire, Krudas, the firsts.

Olivia: With my behaviour, I move your thoughts,

I change your feelings, because I love, I don’t lie, I don’t allow myself

to be gone with the wind, here Me, Queen Knowledge, complete,

one time mystical, another like drunk . If I’m messed with, I am self-defensive

against the abusers, self-defensive against the false preachers, against who believe

to be superior/better. This fire I live in burns me and I smile to see how you also smile,

while suffering all this burning.“ Live our Culture” Hip Hop

but here also burns me a hard reality, unfair and constantly

we are ignored, mistreated, discriminated, as womyn very little well represented:

‘Gentlemen’ that expression does not include me. The man,

that expression does not include me. Brothers, that expression does not include me.

We are womyn, all that matters to what I’m about to explain to you… Chorus.

Olivia: I was telling you, that all that matters, is that us being so little

the ones that are rocks, here we are in the resistance, defending rights, educating the audience.

Listen audience: There is diversity, as lean bodies exist, obesity exists. As lightness exists,

obscurity exists. As male exists, female also exists. As heterosexuality exists,

there is also queer. All of us deserve the right to freedom, listen,

each of us is getting burned with virtues,with flaws.

Everyone is on Fire, no one is completely perfect…Chorus.

Odaymara: Entered and just came the Pharaoh, drilling your neurons.

I, who illuminates you from the catacombs where the round began.

A day like today I make your body explode, Temperature arises when I begin to rime.

I urge itchiness, you can not understand/ stand. I am on the way to break schemes.

I come against false principles. Leaving damaged Hip Hop lethal,

I bend all dummies, I play with their minds all over, It’s my way with everything hot,

I leave you impotent. You are my sweetie pie, and I, your brave princess, see?

I pulled down your skirt. I played with you and you were caught. Yo’, the “slip”

The firsts, unifying women. Omegas. The firsts, underground Hip Hop you desire.

The firsts, don’t be impatient, Omegas. It’s catchy. Fire, inside and out, special delivery.

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